Arabian Adventures: Best outdoor activities in Riyadh

Sep 04, 2019 BY Paul McWilliams

Looking for Arabian adventures to rival the great stories and expeditions of the past? Then the best outdoor activities in Riyadh give you the chance to do just that.

Arabian Adventures: Best outdoor activities in Riyadh Pixabay royalty free image

You probably know Saudi Arabia better for its oil and religious significance. But there’s a growing outdoor scene here that offers a range of activities. And at great prices too.

Best outdoor activities in Riyadh

The city is surrounded by deserts, and all this open space and sand offers the opportunity for adventure. As a result, you can choose between classic outdoor pursuits or even try a few new ones – all within easy reach of Riyadh

Unsure about whether you should visit Saudi Arabia? Then we think the following activities might just change your mind. 

Sand surfing and sandboarding

OK, so Saudi Arabia and surfing are not usually associated with each other… But who said you could only surf on water?

Arabian Adventures sandboarding one of the best outdoor activities in Riyadh Pixabay royalty free image

There are miles of sloping sand dunes just begging to be surfed or boarded, making this is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. In fact, the conditions are so good that Riyadh could easily become the sand surfing and sandboarding capital of the world.

4×4 off road dune bashing

Of course, sand surfing is all about going down the dunes. But what about going back up them? Dune bashing involves getting in a high powered 4×4 and taking on the terrain.

Carving it up through the wilderness around the city is exhilarating. There are plenty of local 4×4 clubs that will point you to the best spots.

Travel vs Ethics in Saudi Arabia Flickr Public Domain image of 4x4 in desert by Maher Najm

Quad biking

Similar to 4×4, you can explore the dunes at speeds of up to 35mph on a quad bike. There are usually rentals available close to the main trails and dune areas.

The Red Sand Dunes are the most popular spot. So are the best place to start your four wheel Arabian adventures. 

Trekking and hiking

Does all of that seems a little too high octane? Prefer your Arabian adventures a little more peaceful? Then how about hitting the trail for a spot of hiking or trekking.

The areas surrounding the city are blessed with wilderness full of fascinating rock formations. There are plenty of camp grounds, as well as off the beaten track mountain trails. 

Travel vs Ethics in Saudi Arabia Flickr Public Domain image of Edge of The World desert by Maher Najm

You can either join a local trekking group or set off on your own adventure in the mountains. Well known treks include the Edge of the World and Riyadh Hidden Valley.


Just outside the city is the Saudi Arabian Flight Academy at Thumama Airport. Here you can have flight lessons and experiences.

Why not enjoy a flight over the city to enjoy some spectacular views? Either way it will be an unforgettable experience.

Arabian Adventures: Useful info

As you can see, the best outdoor activities in Riyadh offer all sorts of adventures. And the city is easy to reach through regular, low cost internal flights with طيران أديل. It all adds up to a safe, convenient and affordable holiday experience. 

Should I go on a Saudi Arabia adventure holiday Flickr Public Domain image of Qusur Al Muqbil, Riyadh by Maher Najm

Plus reputable companies such as Almosafer offer a wide range of accommodation options especially فنادق الرياض. There’s everything from basic, right up to luxury hotels, and it’s all available at surprisingly affordable prices. 

You’ll discover that there’s much more to Riyadh and the surrounding area than just the bright lights of the city. So enjoy unique Arabian adventures in the Saudi capital with the best outdoor activities in Riyadh.

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