Andalucia paragliding holidays: Learn to paraglide in Spain

Sep 08, 2017 BY Luke Rees

Always wanted to fly? To soar high above the countryside? With a great climate, stunning scenery and ideal conditions, Andalucia paragliding holidays provide the perfect environment to learn to paraglide in Spain.

Andalucia paragliding holidays Learn to paraglide in Spain image courtesy of FlySpain

Southern Spain, with its reliable sunny weather is undoubtedly one of the best places in Europe to paraglide. With a range of guides and instructors all who have more than a decade of experience, FlySpain in Algodonales is one of the best paragliding schools in the business and one of the largest in Europe.

Learn to paraglide in Spain

Step 1: Tandem flight

Fly Spain Paragliding School - Lessons Training Courses Spain (1)The best way to start your learning experience is on a tandem flight with a qualified instructor. Not only will this give you a thrilling insight into paragliding, but your pilot can begin to explain the basic principles of controlled flight.

Once safely soaring, your instructor might give you the controls to allow you to get a feel for flight and the movements in the air. You’ll probably be instantly hooked, the great news is there are courses you can do on Andalucia paragliding holidays.

Step 2: Paragliding courses


The course lasts four to five days working through the theoretical side of flying working towards solo flight. Training on a small hills the goal of the course is to make small height flights directed by radio.

Andalucia paragliding holidays Learn to paraglide in Spain image courtesy of FlySpain


Courses again last four to five days, with students making larger height flights with radio assistance. You’ll also spend more time studying air conditions and thermics.


You can also take on more extreme tuition, where pilots learn advanced manoeuvres to use in dangerous conditions. Plus you could learn acrobatic paragliding tricks used in freestyle competition flying.

Private coaching or group lessons

Whatever your level, Fly Spain offer the option of tuition that suits your budget and time restraints. The quickest way to learn is on the ‘zero to hero’ course which offers one on one tuition. Private coaching is available whatever your level, and works very well for one or two students to one instructor.

If you are looking to keep prices down then join a group course. It takes a bit longer to learn but is a more social experience. Typically there are five to eight students to two or three instructors at the largest BHPA school in Europe.

Andalucia paragliding holidays Learn to paraglide in Spain image courtesy of FlySpain

Paragliding vs Paramotoring vs Parabuggying

Tandem flights and paragliding courses can be either free flight or assisted by a motor, which is known as paramotoring. Paramotoring can be combined with a three-wheeled bike or buggy which is called parabuggying.

Before a paraglide flight, you’ll normally drive up to high ground to launch which helps increase the flying time. On a tandem flight your pilot will take care of all the setup before you take to the skies.

With the motor assisting you paramotoring and parabuggy flights can take off from sea level. Paramotoring has fewer physical restrictions for launch, whilst parabuggying needs a short runway to takeoff.

BHPA – The Gold standard in teaching

The BHPA (British Hang-Gliding and Paragliding Association) exists to promote safety within the sport. It oversees pilot and instructor training, and for 50 years has been the backbone of the UK paragliding community with over 8000 members.

Andalucia paragliding holidays Learn to paraglide in Spain image courtesy of FlySpain

BHPA is widely regarded as the gold standard in paragliding, with it’s only equals being the French and German equivalents. Fly Spain is the only BHPA accredited school outside of the UK to offer the full range of courses for all level of pilot.

So Andalucia paragliding holidays with FlySpain come with the highest level BHPA instructors and follow their rigorous safety procedures. If you learn to paraglide in Spain with them you’re qualification will be accepted globally.

Andalucia paragliding holidays: Why?

The climate and conditions are perfect in Andalucia. Not only it is one of the sunniest regions in Europe – 340 days a year – but it’s also home to reliable winds and great thermals.

Along the coast you’ll find Tarifa Europe’s wind and kitesurfing Mecca. This reliable wind, combined with temperature differences create the thermals that’s help make Andalucia’s interior famous for its paragliding.

Andalucia paragliding holidays Learn to paraglide in Spain image courtesy of FlySpain

Fly high above the stunning southern Spain you look down on small, whitewashed villages, rugged natural terrain and beautiful scenery. Plus of course you can paraglide here all year round, so there is no need to worry about the weather as you would in much of Europe.

Fly Spain Paragliding School - Lessons Training Courses Spain (1)Learn to paraglide in Spain with FlySpain for a truly unique combination of destination, experience and activity. Start off with a tandem flight, work towards solo flying, or learn advanced maneuvers all under the watchful eyes of some of the best instructors in the business.

To find out more about FlySpain head to their website:

Algodonales, Andalusia, Granada, Sierra Nevada Mountains, Spain
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