African safari adventures: Wildlife holidays in Africa

Apr 01, 2018 BY AWE365 Team

Camp with bushmen in the Kalahari. Walk with lions in Zambia. Or hang out with gorillas in the Ugandan highlands. Welcome to African safari adventures and wildlife holidays in Africa.

There are few words that can do justice to the scale, size and beauty of the African continent. This is a place like no other, which is why exploring it on a safari adventure is the only way to go.

African safari adventures: Wildlife holidays in Africa flickr image by David Berkowitz

Pick and choose your own safari from countless options. Everything from affordable to luxury, desert to jungle, and coastal to vast continental plains. Or simply build your own from scratch. Raft, hike, ride your way around African safari adventures and explore this amazing place in your own unique way.

Wildlife holidays in Africa

It’s hard to know where to start with Africa. This colossal continent is home to the most varied, spectacular and least explored terrain on the planet. From the huge Sahara desert, to dense jungles, vast plains and wetlands – Africa has every kind of landscape you could imagine and unique wildlife to match.

The Kruger National Park in the south is a great place to spot herds of animals, big game and the world’s most fearsome predators in the natural habitat. The legendary Masai Mara in East Africa and plains of the Serengeti are also popular destinations for traditional safaris.

The central highlands of Uganda and Rwanda are covered in rich jungle, providing a different but no less interesting safari experience. The other-worldly charm of Madagascar simply has to be seen to be believed with more unique flora and fauna than anywhere else in Africa.

African safari adventures: Wildlife holidays in Africa Wikimedia image by Hein Waschefort

The stunning coastline of Mauritius, the Seychelles and Mozambique offer the chance for a more relaxed wildlife holidays in Africa with a focus on marine life excursions. Whale watching, snorkeling and scuba diving bring you close to the wildlife beneath the waves, with beautiful beaches to relax on between adventures.

Perhaps you are worried about visiting Africa as it has a reputation for being dangerous. Of course that is all part of the allure for the adventurous… But for your first trip perhaps visit one of the safest African countries such as Morocco, Botswana, Mauritius, Kenya or Madagascar.

African safari adventures

Authentic safaris, staying in luxurious lodges and enjoying 4×4 adventures to spot the Big Five are especially popular in southern and East Africa including Tanzania, South Africa and Kenya. But Africa’s safari options include so much more.

The jungle highlands of Uganda and Rwanda offer unique opportunities for gorilla safaris. Catching glimpses of these huge, powerful and peaceful animals in their natural habitat is a humbling and once in a lifetime experience.

African safari adventures: Wildlife holidays in Africa flickr image by Phillipe Teuwen

Walk with lions and cheetahs in Zambia’s remote national parks. Kayak or raft past hippos and crocodiles in the lower Zambezi and stand in awe at the massive Victoria Falls. Desert African safari adventures exploring the ancient cultures of the Tuareg of the Sahara or the San bushmen of the Kalahari are equally enthralling.

You can take trekking safaris in Tanzania, biking safaris in Kenya, or horse back safaris in Namibia. Why not try underwater scuba safaris during the Sardine Run in South Africa? Or sailing safaris along the Mozambique and Madagascar coastline?

Or if you want to take wildlife holidays in Africa to the next level, why not be trained to track wildlife or to be a park ranger in Uganda? Educational, photographic and even extreme sport safaris are available all over the African continent. Or you could just overland around the continent enjoying adventures and wildlife as you travel.

Africa safari adventures: Prices and accommodation

The range and diversity of destinations, accommodation and cost means there are Africa safaris to suit everyone. From luxury and honeymoon safaris in five star lodges, to rafting and camping along the Zambezi to affordable backpacking safaris. The options are almost endless with something to suit every taste and budget.


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