Adventure travel vs Christmas: 5 reasons to go on holiday at Xmas

Nov 17, 2021 BY AWE365 Team

Like adventure? Love to travel? But never go away at Christmas? In this article we pit adventure travel vs Christmas to decide which is best. If you are in need of excuses to choose adventures then check out below our 5 reasons to go on holiday at Xmas.

Meeting Santa during Christmas in Lapland one of 5 reasons to go on holiday at Xmas

Now, if you’re a skier or snowboarder it’s likely you’ve been waiting all year for winter. And you probably already know how good festive skiing holidays can be. Ski resorts in the Alps are often the epitome of Christmas, plus you can even go to Lapland to visit the big man himself.

But, if you’ve needed thawing out since October and are dreaming of feeling the sun on your neck, you’ll be thinking of water sports in destinations like Dubai, Thailand or Mexico. Or perhaps you’ll be teasing yourself with ideas of trekking up Mount Kenya or Mount Kilimanjaro rather than dealing with a mountain of washing up.

5 reasons to go on holiday at Xmas

In comparing adventure travel vs Christmas lets look at five great reasons to ditch the festive season for an adventure holiday.

Family time can be anytime

Christmas is the family moment. But why didn’t you bother before? Couldn’t find the time? Too busy? But now you’re happy to saunter off home for a slap-up meal from mum and six days of boozing, sleeping, wearing Christmas jumpers from your Nan and suffering the family photos.

Sapporo Christmas market ands illuminations

But you don’t just have to do this at Christmas. Set aside time during the rest of the year. Arrange a family get together. Perhaps even offer to host everyone so your mum can take a break from the kitchen.

You need the truth

You work hard and do your best to love your job and modern life. But when it comes down to it, you are a mountain goat, a wanderer seeking nature’s finest. A nomad forced to stay in one place or a free spirit chained to the desk needs regular freedom to work at their most productive.

Be it bounty from the sea (a shell you picked up when snorkelling), prizes and trophies (beer mats and bruises) or the ultimate reward, the discovery of uncharted territories (a beach/ piste/ peak not in the tourist guide). The truth is out there and only travelling, not X-Files reruns, will help reveal it.

You don’t need presents, you need time.

Time is money, but life is also time and unfortunately it’s finite. I can only wince at the uber positivity, but there is only one guaranteed go at this life – if there’s another life waiting, great but it had better be full of adventure sports! This is why sayings such as ‘seize the day’ have a real resonance with us adventure enthusiasts who like to surf, climb and dive.

Adventure travel vs Christmas 5 reasons to go on holiday at Xmas Flickr public Domain Image by KiwiDandy

There will always be enough time to work crazy hours to pay the bills and pick up some nice presents for loved ones. But one of the best reasons to go on holiday at Xmas is that there will never be enough time to visit every corner of the world. So travel whenever you can.

The recession can wait

Don’t feel guilty about not buying your way – with Christmas presents – out of a recession you didn’t create. Your money will go into the travel industry instead who lets face it have had an exceptionally tough couple of years. Any spend going to firms providing everything from kayaking in Ecuador to kitesurfing holidays in Egypt will help the struggling sector.

Look at it as if you are paying for postage. Only you are the parcel arriving in a foreign destination. So unpack, check nothing’s broken or lost on the way, and then distribute yourself as far and as wide as you can. Collect the stamps in your passport and happy memories for a lifetime.

Christmas is for losers

In this adventure travel vs Christmas debate I don’t fancy picking a fight with the jolly fella and his helpers – or the mother-in-law for that matter. Let’s be honest I don’t think Christmas is for losers.

skiing is one of the best Christmas adventure holidays pxhere royalty free image

But to have never missed one? To have never walked away from the twinkling lights, escaped weeks of turkey inspired meals, avoided tatty gifts that you’ll re-cycle into birthday presents, and eating yourself from buff into borderline obesity in 12 hours? That is absolute proof that you’ve never lived.

Adventure travel vs Christmas

Christmas is magical. But so is toasting your loved ones from your tent door with the sting of salt still on your skin, fresh from the naked swim you just took in the ocean.

Perhaps you’ll wish them merry Christmas by swigging from a mini bottle of prosecco you ‘acquired’ from the hotel’s re-supply trolley. Or perhaps you’ll be happy just to brew a cuppa over a campfire.

However you celebrate, you can be sure that in years to come the Christmas you had an adventure will stick more in the memories than all those that you did the same thing as every other year. Of all the reasons to go on holiday at Xmas this is the most important – variety is the spice of life.

Adventure travel vs Christmas Public Domain Image by Irena Jackson at Abel Tasman in New Zealand

Happy Christmas to all the travellers, adventurers and wanderers living the dream. Me? I’m spending it a the mother-in-laws. Bah, humbug!

Please remember an adventure is for life not just for Christmas. With that in mind check out these excellent adventure holidays worldwide as you might find your perfect trip at Christmas or any time of year!


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