Adventure travel ideas: 11 of the best summer activity holidays

Jan 11, 2018 BY Luke Rees

If you are not into snow sports, then your adventure travel ideas may feel a bit restricted during the winter. So to keep you inspired, we’ve pulled together 11 of the best summer activity holidays around.

Adventure travel ideas: 11 of the best summer activity holidays flickr CC image of Morocco by Acquimat4

Adventure travel ideas

If the winter rain, wind and cold is getting you down, then there is nothing better then arranging your next summer adventure. So start planning, get booked up and you’ll have something to look forward to throughout winter.

Now we appreciate not everyone can take a month off. So the best summer activity holidays below can all be fitted into a one or two week holiday. Now you’ll probably want to stay longer but that is the sign of a good trip!

We’ve also considered the cost as we know most people can’t afford an all-singing, all-dancing adventure travel to the other side of the world. We won’t lie there are some pricey options below, but we’ve also included adventure ideas that are suitable for most budgets.

11 of the best summer activity holidays

Looking to top up your tan while doing some activities? Want a full on adrenaline pumped break? Fancy some fun adventures at day and partying at night? Whatever you want, the 11 adventure travel ideas below should get you reaching for a holiday request form.

Horse riding in Almeria

If you want to brighten up your summer where better to start than Almeria, Spain. With over 320 days of sunshine a year it’s perfect for outdoor holidays. It’s also one of the driest places in Europe and the only major European city with a subtropical climate.

Adventure travel ideas best summer activity holidays Flickr CC image of Cabo de Gata by Emilio del Prado

Its arid landscape has lead to many westerns being filmed here. So if you want to follow in the footsteps of The Magnificent Seven and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, then treat yourself to a horse-riding holiday through the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata. Better to leave the gun slinging to the professionals though.

Cycle the Danube

If you want to leave your beach towel at home and tick a few more countries off of your ’done’ list, a cycle trip down the Danube is one of the best adventure travel ideas. Most peddlers start in Germany and finish in Budapest in Hungary.

On the way the Danube visits Vienna (Austria) and Bratislava (Slovakia). You can also extend the journey into Romania where the Danube eventually reaches the Black Sea.

You can easily plan the trip yourself, as there is plenty of accommodation and information along the way. But if you don’t want those pannier bags weighing you down, there are tours that will organize your baggage, bike rental and over-night stays. So all you have to worry about is saddle-sores!

Multi activity in Greece

The Greek Islands – and mainland for that matter – offer so much more than cheap booze filled beach holidays. Most destinations are rammed with activities. Offering everything from sailing to sea kayaking, parascending to paddle boarding, windsurfing to wakeboarding and mountain biking to bungee jumping.

Adventure travel ideas best summer activity holidays Flickr CC image of windsurfing in Greece by RobertSharp

Then you also have the culture, history and archaeology to discover along with incredible food and friendly locals. No wonder Greece is the 4th most popular destination for us Brits. For the best trip for multi sport in Greece, we recommend Vassiliki, Pelion Peninsula or Porto Heli.

Midnight sun in Lapland

To really make the most of the summer sun, why not go to a place where it never sets? From mountain biking and canoeing to bush craft safaris, Finnish Lapland is a great place for adventure travel.

Well inside the Arctic Circle Lapland is steeped in Sami culture. The tranquil beauty and stunning scenery make it the perfect place to enjoy the midnight sun.

Overland travel in the Balkans

The Croatian coast has developed quickly since the splitting up of Yugoslavia, and can sometimes feel a bit tourist heavy. For a less trodden Adriatic adventure, try flying into Dubrovnik or Split and then heading south.

Travel through Montenegro and into Albania. Enjoy the latter’s pristine southern beaches before hopping onto a ferry for the return flight from Corfu. There are companies that offer this trip in as little as three days, but you should probably allow one to two weeks. After all, you don’t want to miss anything.

Multi activity in Cyprus

Adventure travel ideas best summer activity holidays Flickr CC image of cyprus by Sergey Galyonkin

With an average temperature of 24˚C, Cyprus is a safe bet when it comes to summer sun. This hallowed home of Halloumi cheese is packed with history from the ancient Greeks, the Romans and the Ottomans, right through to its more turbulent recent past.

Cyprus provides some of the best summer activity holidays down to the range of adventures it offers. You can try everything from hiking to biking, windsurfing to wakeboarding, bungee jumping to snorkelling and climbing to kayaking you can even scuba dive in Cyprus. So you won’t be short of adventure travel ideas in Cyprus.

Adventures in Morocco

Let’s cross the Strait of Gibraltar now and head down to Africa. Morocco is a very popular destination for adventure travel. Sandwiched between the Sahara Desert and the Atlantic Ocean with the Atlas Mountains in the middle, you can see why.

With great biking, hiking and rafting in the mountains. World Class surf, kiteboarding and windsurfing on the coast and diverse cultural influences it is a great place to visit. Check out our article about the best Morocco adventure activities for more info.

To get a taste of traditional Berber life, try a two or three night desert stay and experience the best of Moroccan hospitality and the majesty of the Sahara. And if all the tranquillity gets a bit much, shatter the silence of the desert with a heart-pumping dune-buggy ride.

Surfing in Brazil

Brazil surfing holidays 12 best Brazilian surf breaks Flickr image by Ptérodactyl Ivo

If it’s surfing you’re after, you couldn’t get a much better spot than the Brazilian island of Florianopolis. With 42 pristine beaches and waves straight off the Atlantic Ocean this is a true surfer’s paradise. Once you’ve surfed yourself out for the day there are lush rolling hills, lagoons and white sandy beaches to get lost in.

Florianopolis can also compete when it comes to nightlife. With bars and clubs packed with fun-loving Brazilians, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to your evening Après-Surf.

US road trip

Pretty much everyone who has read Jack Kerouac’s On The Road or seen Thelma and Louise will have fanaticized about their very own American road trip. Creating your own US road-trip is easily one of the best summer activity holidays – that can be done year round.

There is something hopelessly romantic about the idea of driving along dusty roads and through small mid-west towns. And with the cost of a two-week car rental beginning in New York and finishing in San Francisco starting from around £500, this summer could be the perfect time to hit the road.

Cuba adventure

Havana is often described as one of the most colourful cities in the world. So where better to go to brighten up your summer holidays than this rustic Caribbean island.

Adventure travel ideas best summer activity holidays Flickr CC image of Havana Cuba by szeke

The best way to explore the capital is on foot. Take a stroll along the Malecon, the sea wall that runs along the coast. In the evenings this is where the locals go to party. So bring a bottle and join in to experience some traditional Cuban hospitality.

Out of the city exploring on a bike allows you to appreciate the Cuban pace of life. But there is much more to do with everything from horse riding to hiking, scuba diving to surfing and kayaking to kitesurfing. As adventure travel ideas go its easily one of the best summer activity holidays.

UK staycation (honest)

For our final summer holiday idea let’s forget the weather and stay in Britain. It may not be as exotic as the Caribbean or even the Costa del Sol, but Swanage in Dorset is a great place for a summer ‘staycation’.

Offering activities from coasteering and climbing to water skiing and windsurfing. Plus a decent line in cream teas, Swanage is every bit the English resort and certainly one of the best summer activity holidays in the UK.

Diving is also popular here, as Swanage Bay is very sheltered making it perfect for novices. There are also several wrecks in the deeper waters nearby for more experienced divers.

British rock climbing holidays in Swanage flickr image by Stephen Elson

So there it is. Whether you want to peddle across Central Europe, canter through Spain or burn rubber in the USA, there should be some adventure travel ideas something that appeal to you. So get planning and make it a summer to remember.

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best summer activity holidays. Be sure to check out our adventure travel discounts as you could save a fortune on your next trip.


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