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Winging, also known as wingsurfing, wing foiling, wing SUP and a few other names, is a very new activity that combines elements of a variety of sports. If you want to know where to wingsurf then this worldwide winging travel guide will help you find holidays, courses, experiences and inspirational articles. A wing is partway between a sail and a kite. It is handheld and uses the wind ... +



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Sunshine State adventure holidays: 5 new adventures in Florida

For many people, Sunshine State adventure holidays consist of Disney, beaches and roller coasters. But beneath its obvious attractions...

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How to keep extreme sports safe: Reduce adventure travel risk

Every adventurer knows what they do carries some risk. But how do we keep extreme sports safe? And do we really want to? Are there are...

Activities: 4x4, +
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Introducing Exogun: Portable percussive therapy, massage and recovery

If you do action sports from time to time you will hit the deck, over stretch or push your body too hard. To aid your recovery you...

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