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Tennis needs little introduction. It is played between two players or two teams of two players which is known as doubles. Each player uses a tennis racket to strike a rubber ball (covered with felt) over a net into the opponent's court to gain points. Simple! But did you know that Tennis travel is very popular? We don't mean to watch the sport at the Grand Slams or in the Davis Cup, b... +


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Introducing Exogun: Portable percussive therapy, massage and recovery

If you do action sports from time to time you will hit the deck, over stretch or push your body too hard. To aid your recovery you...

Activities: BASE Jumping, +
Destinations: N/A
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Neuro Linguistic Programming: How NLP improves sports performance

In this article I discuss how NLP improves sports performance. From grassroots level to professional sports, Neuro Linguistic...

Activities: 4x4, +
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Adventure sports vs traditional sports: Which are better?

There is no doubt that traditional sports such as football, tennis and golf are participated in, and watched by far more people than...

Activities: Kitesurfing, +
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