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Want to surf in Malibu? Check out our huge selection of holidays and vacations, courses and lessons, experiences and day trips, hotels and other accommodation. There are also deals and discounts to help you save money when you plan Malibu surfing trips. Looking for inspiration? Check out our articles about surfing in Malibu including reviews of holidays and experiences, top 10s, gear... +

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Seattle to San Diego surfing road trip: Best west coast surf spots in US

A Seattle to San Diego surfing road trip will take you past the best west coast surf spots in the US. Although you could do this over...

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Adventure sports in California: Is Cali the home of extreme sports?

Pretty much every action sport has some dispute in its creation. Who was first? Where did they do it? And where is it's spiritual home?...

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What’s a Malibu Longboard and why buy a big surfboard?

New to surfing, or always wondered what's a Malibu Longboard? Don't worry you are not alone! In this article we answer this and...

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