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If you are looking to find a surf interview you have come to the right place. Working with hundreds of companies we have a huge amount of surfing interviews worldwide to choose from. Use the blue menus to narrow down your search by selecting a destination, alternatively use them to change the activity or to swap to other categories. We hope our surfing interviews worldwide will help ... +

Top adventure athletes that do yoga, pilates or piyo. What is Piyo?

Leading sports people do everything they can to perform at their peak. Which is why there are many top adventure athletes...

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Adventure sport travel insurance FAQ: Interview Snowcard Insurance MD

Travel insurance may be the least interesting aspect of action sports holidays but it is one of the most important. In this...

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The ugliness and art of surfing for money

This our latest article by ex pro surfer, who does not wish to be named – because of various controversial views. In this...

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Adventure sports in California: Is Cali the home of extreme sports?

Pretty much every action sport has some dispute in its creation. Who was first? Where did they do it? And where is it's...

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Is it ever worth risking your life for surf?

Haven't had your surf fix for a while? Considered doing something risky? We ask an ex-pro surfer is it ever worth risking...

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Stoke Wars: Surfing vs kitesurfing which is best?

In the first of our 'Stoke Wars' articles we look at surfing vs kitesurfing to decide which is best. For a fair comparison we...

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I hate surf films: Why surfing porn sucks!

We asked an ex pro surfer – who wishes to remain anonymous – his opinion on some recent surf films and was surprised to...

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How to be a better surfer: 3 tips to improve your surfing

Would you like to be a better surfer? We asked a pro (who would like to remain anonymous) for a few tips beyond the obvious...

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Surfing vs Skateboarding vs Snowboarding: Which is best?

From the safety of my laptop I aim to tackle mankind's most pressing question; surfing vs skateboarding vs snowboarding:...

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