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For many people skateboarding is the 'gateway activity' to extreme sports. As any kid knows, where to skateboard is usually where there are no adults! At its heart is a rebellious streak but as this worldwide skateboarding travel guide shows the sport has much more to it. Most people start skateboarding as kids, but there are plenty of skateboarding courses and camps for children, tee... +


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As anyone who does them regularly will tell you, adventure sports make you happy. For the most part that is – we all have bad days...

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Creatively adventurous: Interview with Dave Cornthwaite of Expedition1000

This interview with Dave Cornthwaite of Expedition1000 was originally published back in 2011. At the time he had just completed the 4th...

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Adventure sports in California: Is Cali the home of extreme sports?

Pretty much every action sport has some dispute in its creation. Who was first? Where did they do it? And where is it's spiritual home?...

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