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Pickleball is the fastest growing racket sport in the world and we are your inspiration on where to Pickleball. Whether learning to play at one of the sun soaked clubs in Florida, or participating in a Pickleball tournament, we are your 'go-to' pickleballing travel guide. Pickleball is a strategic and fast paced racket sport that is easy to learn and difficult to master. Assessable t... +

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How to keep extreme sports safe: Reduce adventure travel risk

Every adventurer knows what they do carries some risk. But how do we keep extreme sports safe? And do we really want to? Are there are...

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Introducing Exogun: Portable percussive therapy, massage and recovery

If you do action sports from time to time you will hit the deck, over stretch or push your body too hard. To aid your recovery you...

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What is Pickleball? Why’s it the fastest growing sport in the US?

What is Pickleball? For those of us living in the UK you can be forgiven for asking that question. But across the big pond in the US it...

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