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Would you like to overland in Addis Ababa? Then you are in for a treat as Addis Ababa is a great place to go overlanding. The goal of this page is to help you plan Addis Ababa overlanding trips. So below you'll find our selection of overland holidays and vacations, courses and lessons, experiences and day trips, hotels and other accommodation in Addis Ababa. There are also deals and d... +


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Ethiopia overland adventure to the Omo Valley lip plate people

My wife Alexandra and I, Eric, have been touring Africa since 2009. Although we travel only in a camper van, not a rugged 4x4, we have...

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Highlights to make the most of Africa overland holidays

Imagine travelling overland from Morocco to Egypt. It would be quite an adventure in itself, but think what happens when we slip in the...

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The longest overland holidays by tour operators

Overland tours are an incredible way to see the world. It’s only by travelling overland – either in or on a bus, car, train, horse...

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