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Top 100 types of extreme sport: Ultimate list of adventure sports

Compiling a list of all the different types of extreme sport is difficult – if not impossible! But just like the daredevils...

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How do blind people navigate when outdoors?

I once heard a story of a blind man in Cornwall whose assistance dog ran off so he found his way home one evening by using...

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Basic compass skills: Using a map and compass to find your way

If you've not been taught them, even basic compass skills can be difficult. But using a map and compass to find your way is...

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What’s the best backpacking app? Top 13 backpacker apps

The latest mobile phones are a versatile tool for travellers. Yes, we possibly use them too much, but with the top...

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8 best adventure travel apps of 2019

Looking into the best adventure travel apps of 2019 it’s clear there’s a lot to choose from. Some are sport or activity...

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So, do I need GPS? Who makes the best GPS for outdoors?

It's here, it's there, it's everywhere, but do I need GPS (global positioning system). And if I do, who makes the best GPS...

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