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If you are looking to find a ice climb advice you have come to the right place. Working with hundreds of companies we have a huge amount of ice climbing tips worldwide to choose from. Use the blue menus to narrow down your search by selecting a destination, alternatively use them to change the activity or to swap to other categories. We hope our ice climbing tips worldwide will help ... +

Mountaineering vs Alpinism: What’s the difference? Are they the same?

There is understandable confusion about the difference between mountaineering and alpinism. They both involve the same skills...

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How adventure sports make you happy (mostly): BetterHelp mental health

As anyone who does them regularly will tell you, adventure sports make you happy. For the most part that is – we all have...

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Eco friendly adventure tips: Making action sports better for the environment

There is no denying it, travelling the world on adventures is not very green. So how do we go about making action sports...

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Cheap adventure holidays: 28 tips for budget adventures

In my experience, there are two types of adventurers. Those with enough money to pay for exactly what they want, and those...

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5 best adventure holiday lists used to answer: What is adventure?

What is adventure? It’s a good question. We use five very different best adventure holiday lists to help answer it, and to...

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Want a career in extreme sports? 7 tips to get you started

Do you want a career in extreme sports? If you love the action and excitement this industry provides it makes sense to try...

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