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Top 100 types of extreme sport: Ultimate list of adventure sports

Compiling a list of all the different types of extreme sport is difficult – if not impossible! But just like the daredevils...

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How adventure sports make you happy (mostly): BetterHelp mental health

As anyone who does them regularly will tell you, adventure sports make you happy. For the most part that is – we all have...

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Adventure sports in California: Is Cali the home of extreme sports?

Pretty much every action sport has some dispute in its creation. Who was first? Where did they do it? And where is it's...

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Eco friendly adventure tips: Making action sports better for the environment

There is no denying it, travelling the world on adventures is not very green. So how do we go about making action sports...

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Do headphones affect extreme sports? Can you listen and perform?

We've only five senses. Unless you can draw on a sixth, it seems foolish to interfere with them during sports or adventure...

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Guide to types of bike helmet for different biking styles

Do different types of bike helmet offer the same head protection? It’s something you might have thought about if you’ve...

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Is X-Games losing the plot?

The X-Games is the original and first real collection of extreme sports in a competition format. Born in an era when these...

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The best extreme sports video ever?

How many times have you clicked on a link to "best extreme sports video ever" or "The craziest extreme sports clips" only to...

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Summer X-Games: Who’s taking extreme sport golds this year?

The Summer X-Games in Los Angeles are on the way but who's taking the extreme sport golds this year? If you don't know: the...

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