Active staycation ideas: Recreate adventure sports holidays at home

Aug 12, 2020 BY Luke Rees

Whether it is the current travel restrictions or a lack of holiday funds, a home based holiday – or staycation as it’s known – is always an option. But can you recreate adventure sports holidays at home? We come up with some active staycation ideas to help you get your dose of adventure.

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Can you recreate adventure sports holidays at home?

First up let’s deal with the elephant in the room. If you normally travel somewhere exotic a home based adventure sports holiday is going to be very different. Perhaps you usually go for luxury accommodation, enjoy time in a spa and eat posh food, these key aspects of a holiday are very tough to recreate in a staycation.

However, while these luxury elements of an adventure sports holiday are very enjoyable they are not essential. Many people will stay in basic self catering apartment, rent an Airbnb style home from home or even go camping.

In fact people often holiday in accommodation that is more cramped and less comfortable than their house. Why? Simply because they want to do a specific activity in a specific place and are on a budget.

Just take a look at the low end cost of skiing holidays and you will realise the accommodation is usually very cramped and basic. I have cooked quick and easy (and often not very tasty!) meals on insufficient cooking facilities in more alpine apartments than I can remember.

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Be realistic for your active staycation

So the first bit of advice when you try to recreate adventure sports holidays at home is to be realistic. Understand that you can’t dive on coral reefs, or surf epic breaks if you live somewhere landlocked. Equally you can’t ski or snowboard if you live somewhere hot, or can’t rock climb if there are no crags near you.

So you need to think of active staycation ideas that are possible where you live. At the same time you need to let go of what you really wanted to do and accept that those plans will have to wait. While it will be disappointing, that does not mean you can’t get involved in plenty of action sports and adventure.

Once you accept that you are staying at home, and won’t be able to do exactly what you want, it is then time to make plans. Check out these adventure staycation tips for more help to plan an active holiday without travelling anywhere.

Active staycation ideas

Hopefully, the ideas below will inspire you to recreate adventure sports holidays at home…

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Make it feel like a holiday

First up you have to get into holiday mode. This probably means not cooking, not doing house work and not watching TV. Basically, you need to break out of your typical home life and do things you would when on holiday. So read a book, play board games, have a drink and go out for a meal or get take away.

Some elements of a vacation are more easy to recreate at home than others. If you usually go out partying all night dancing in nightclubs that will be difficult to emulate. However, if you like to gamble, to play roulette, blackjack and other games then visit a casino online.

Staying up late, sleeping in in the morning and not checking your work emails are all easy things to do that make a difference. Furthermore, treat it like a holiday by posting on social media what you have been up to, even if that is just reading a book in your garden.

Improve at your sport

If there is an action sport that you regularly do from home then spend your active staycation getting better at it. For example, if you usually go mountain biking once a week instead go every day. Whatever the sport, choose specific skills you want to improve and nail them.

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If you really want to improve then book lessons or enrol in action sport courses. For example, you might be a good kitesurfer, however a few hours with an expert can iron out bad habits you have picked up and could help you nail a trick you have been unable to pull off.

Learn something new

If it is not possible to do your sport of choice from home then learn something new. Most people have seen others doing an activity or sport and thought ‘that looks fun’.

We usually don’t have time to learn something new in everyday life. so one of the best active staycation ideas is to use the time to get through the beginner week learning something new.

Transfer your skills

If you can’t recreate adventure sports holidays at home in your activity of choice then consider doing something that transfers your skills. For example, mountain boarding, skateboarding and wakeboarding all use similar skills to snowboarding, and rollerblading or water skiing are similar to skiing.

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You can go even more tenuous. For example if you are a freestyle skier or snowboarder trampolining and some gymnastics is useful. Likewise if you are a surfer who is stranded a long way from waves then skateboarding is a surf substitute that will benefit your wave riding.

Go multi-activity

Let’s face it, most of us who are into adventure sports like anything active and exciting. Are you missing out on a dive trip to the Maldives, paragliding in the Alps, rafting the Zambezi, or climbing in the Andes? One of the best active staycation ideas is to replace it with a wide mix of different activities.

Plan something different for every day. Try new activities, repeat things you have enjoyed in the past and push yourself to do something that scares you. We all have fears, perhaps use your enforced homebound vacation to overcome them.

Explore local

Most of us think we know our local area really well. But have we been everywhere? Probably not! Have you ever thought – where does that path go or what’s the other side of that hill? Well go and have a look! To make it more fun don’t look at a map first, but of course take one with you if you could get lost.

Active staycation ideas look at your local area on google maps

Also look at your local area on google maps in satellite view, is there anywhere interesting you have never visited? Check out woodland, hills or lakes and streams and you may well be surprised what you find. Exploring is well suited to biking and hiking, however you can also explore by kayak, canoe or SUP.

A staycation can be an adventure

Whatever the reason you can’t go away on holiday a staycation is still something to be excited about. The key thing is to get out of your normal routine to be active and adventurous. You should try new things and go to different places.

While it is not possible to fully recreate adventure sports holidays at home, there is only one thing stopping you from having a great time. And that is you.

We hope you found these active staycation ideas useful. Perhaps check out the adventure holidays in your local area for inspiration.


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