Action sports gambling: What extreme events can you bet on?

Nov 15, 2022 BY Luke Rees

With the FIFA World Cup around the corner you can be sure plenty of money will be bet on the football. But what if you are not into traditional sports, what extreme events can you bet on instead? And when it comes to action sports gambling what can you wager on?

Action sports gambling surfing Todos Santos in Mexico CC Google (wikimedia) image by Boone Speed

The phrase ‘action sports’ is often used synonymously with ‘adventure sports’ or ‘extreme sports’. They are activities that are perceived as involving a high degree of risk. There are many different types of extreme sport, but all involve speed, height, amplitude, danger, serious physical exertion and/or highly specialized gear.

From your son playing for the England football team to an obscure politician becoming president, if you know the right bookie you can place a bet on practically anything. But you might not get the best odds. So always look up free bet offers first to make the most of your money.

Action sports gambling

When it comes to betting on adventure sports most traditional bookies steer clear of them. You can pick up bets on cycling, sailing, skiing and surfing. But usually this is only the overall champion or very specific events.

And lets be honest it’s the mainstream parts of action sports that have bets available. Bookies like something with odds they can figure out and stack in their favour. So the unknown nature of many forms of action sport are contrary to a bookies business model.

Freeride World Tour in FIEBERBRUNN_2017 Image by DDaher-6434

In particular the more creative sports such as slopestyle snowboarding or big air skateboarding are quite subjective, harder to predict and thus less likely to have a odds available. Equally extreme events such as the Freeride World Tour (skiing and snowboarding) or RedBull Rampage (mountain biking) have unpredictable factors which bookies dislike.

That is not to say you cannot do any action sports gambling. Specialist bookies offer options from time to time. For example, during the Olympics you can get odds on the snowboarder half pipe contest. However, there are many adventure sport events that bookies cannot forecast results accurately enough to offer odds on.

What extreme events can you bet on?

This doesn’t mean that betting on extreme sports is impossible. But it does mean you will be restricted to those events that are mainstream or predictable enough for bookies to make a profit. After all the odds are always in their favour, which is why you should GambleAware and get help if you have a gambling problem.

However below are a few action sports events you can place a bet on:

Skateboarding X Games Austin, Texas June 2015 What extreme events can you bet on Action sports gambling Wikimedia CC image by Ralph Arvesen

X Games

As the biggest extreme sport event in the calendar it is no surprise that the X Games can be wagered upon. Both summer and winter events have odds but don’t expect every competition to be listed. Likewise don’t expect to have the range of bets you have on traditional sports.

Alpine Skiing World Cup

Alpine skiing is considered the pinnacle for most skiers and combines downhill, super-G, slalom and giant slalom to decide who it the best. Many bookies offer odds for the overall world cup winner and for the best in each category. You can also bet upon individual races with some bookies.

World Surf League

The top surfers battle it out each year to be crowned world campion. Most bookies will provide odds for the overall winner. Others allow you to bet on the individual heats that are held around the world.

Tour de France

Cycling can just be a mode of transport rather than an action sport. But what the guys on the Tour de France do makes it one of the top extreme events you can bet on with many different markets to choose from. You can also gamble on most major cycling and cyclocross events.

What extreme events can you bet on cycling events Flickr CC image by 2017 Canada Games - Jeux du Canada 2017


While both the summer and winter Olympics have plenty of traditional sports these days they also include some extreme events. When it comes to action sports gambling at the Olympics mountain biking, BMX, kitesurfing, surfing, skateboarding, kayaking, climbing, windsurfing, sailing, skiing and snowboarding are all worth a wager.


The high speed SailGP racing is extreme sailing! It’s an international F50 foiling catamaran sailing competition where teams compete across the season at events around the world. You can bet on the overall winner and on individual events. Other sailing events like Americas Cup also have odds at many bookies.

Horse racing

People often forget that horse racing is one of the most dangerous extreme sports. So on any given day, the answer to ‘what extreme events can you bet on?’ is horse racing. It’s one of the most extensive markets in gambling with races year and world round. But we understand if you rather bet on some of the above sports instead!

We hope you found this guide to action sports gambling and betting on extreme events useful. Check out these action sports courses and extreme experiences in order to get adventurous yourself. And who knows you could be the odds on favourite to win at future events!


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