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The two founders of AWE365, Luke and Nathan, met when doing a snowboarding season in Whistler, Canada in 2004 and have been adventure buddies since. We set up AWE365 in 2013 to share our passion for action sports and adventure travel. 

Planning snowboarding holidays in 2015 flickr image by Trysil

Our other partners – the two Mark’s – are as passionate about the outdoors, travel and adventure as we are. Collaboratively we have more than 50 years experience in the adventure travel industry, covering everything from writing to advertising sales, SEO to social media and website building to video editing.

A big reason for setting up AWE365 is that just like you we want to do more of the sports we love. We want to travel, have adventures and do more of everything from skydiving to scuba diving. So when we are not at our desks, we are probably doing extreme sports and having adventures of our own.

Goal of AWE365

Our aim is to build the largest global network of adventure holidays, vacations, active day trips and action sports worldwide. To provide impartial information, reviews from personal experience and advice from our own adventures.

Ultimately we want every adventure, everywhere to be on AWE365. We want to give you all of the options. To help you arrange your next trip, to find an experience, to learn a new action sport or to travel to less visited parts of the world.

Guide to morocco surfing holidays image courtesy of Surf Berbere

We don’t want you to pay over the odds for your adventures and we want activity providers to be paid the full booking amount. For that reason, we have chosen not to charge commission on bookings that happen through AWE365. This means you get the best price and the suppliers are not losing a portion of their income.

We want to offer every adventure, everywhere. So we offer a free way for all adventure providers to promote their trips without paying a penny. If they wish to pay for upgraded advertising they can, but our goal is to give you maximum choice, so we don’t want companies not to join just because they cannot afford to.

What is AWE365?

AWE represent Air, Water and Earth – the essential ingredients for outdoor action and adventure. Without air and the wind that blows, water in its many forms and earth with its ups and downs, adventure sports would be pretty dull.

365 obviously signifies every day of the year. It’s about getting out and having adventures in all seasons, making the most of your life and of everyday. For that reason we also use the hashtag #AdventuresEveryday.


But AWE or in this case ‘awe’ also has another meaning. The definition of awe on is, “an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, fear, etc., produced by that which is grand, sublime, extremely powerful, or the like.”

When you apply this to the great outdoors it is the awe you feel towards thundering waves, towering mountains or thick jungle. And if you have adventures or do action sports in these environments it is awe-inspiring. Or as some would rather say, “awesome…

The AWE365 Team

No company survives without a dedicated team working on it. While we began with a team of two there are now four business partners. We also have our dedicated admin person, plus we use writers from all over the world.

Luke Rees: Founder and MD

Adventure was a big part of Luke’s childhood in Sussex, UK. So much so that exploring the great outdoors, being active, adventurous and doing extreme activities always felt like the norm. It wasn’t until he was a teen that he realised most people don’t grow up in that kind of environment.

Saalbach mountain biking review by Luke Rees Photo credit Matt Ray @adventurefella

From skydiving to scuba diving, wakeboarding to white water rafting, surfing to sailing, canyoning to canoeing and hiking to biking – Luke has tried most adventure sports and loved them all! But his two biggest passions are snowboarding and mountain biking.

He inevitably caught the travel bug from his parents and after university spent time exploring the world. It was during this period that he discovered snowboarding, which changed his life. Quitting his job he moved to Whistler for the next ski season. What followed was an incredible winter of progressing from beginner to competent snowboarder – he knew he wanted to work in the industry.

Having worked in sales and marketing he eventually ended up running After seven years growing it from being the first employee to a team of six he left to set up in 2013. The plan was to focus more on writing about adventures, so he could spend more time in the outdoors rather than at a desk.

More than a decade later AWE365 is going strong. Luke still manages it day to day and is involved in everything from the sales and marketing to the accounts and social media. But mainly he focusses on producing, editing and publishing content.

Luke Rees Japan snowboard holiday in Hokkaido Photo by Antti Hentinen cropped

Luke has won an French Mountains Media award for his writing, and has written about snowboarding for magazines such as InTheSnow, Love The Mountains and Family Traveler. He has produced content for many websites including ABOM, Snow Guide and many others. He also ghost writes blogs and content for brands and tour operators.

Whilst running AWE365, Luke fits in plenty of time for adventures. You’ll regularly find him mountain biking, hiking and jogging on the South Downs, paddle boarding and surfing on the coast and rivers and of course in the mountains (any mountains!). He has snowboarded in more than 100 resorts across the Alps, Pyrenees, Scandinavia, US, Canada and Japan, and less well known ski destinations such as Turkey and North Macedonia.

Living and breathing action sports and travel, Luke is capably leading AWE365 on its adventure!



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