Colorado Kite Force: The best way to get kids into kiting

Dec 03, 2014 BY Paul McWilliams

Colorado Kite Force believe snowkiting is a great way to get kids into kiting. It helps them to learn skills that will benefit them on the snow and the water. Kids and beginners of any age will usually develop faster when learning on snow, plus it’s a great activity for families to enjoy together.

Get kids into kiting: Image courtesy of Colorado Kite Force

Colorado Kite Force know what they’re talking about when it comes to kiting. As one of the premier authorities on snowkiting in Colorado they offer in depth IKO certified instruction programmes that are perfect for beginners and kids. They also offer courses for those wanting to build on existing skills. And with one of their main instructors, Emmet Sproul, being the Kids and Families Ambassador for top US kite brand Ozone, it’s safe to say you’re in good hands.

The ideal destination

Summit County is one of the very best family snowkiting destinations in the US. Colorado Kite Force is the leading snowkiting school in the state, and one of the very best in the US. So, it’s an unbeatable combination of location and tuition to get kids into kiting.

Get kids into kiting: Image courtesy of Colorado Kite Force

The range of courses

All beginner lessons are given on a flat, groomed and snow-packed surface with plenty of space, separated from the general public. So, its an ideal place to learn and build confidence. Safety is also a key consideration for Colorado Kite Force, so you’ll start out on the most suitable beginner kites from Ozone.

They offer a range of beginner classes, from ground school to ski and ride classes once you’ve mastered kite basics. Here you’ll start to apply your newly learned kite skills to a ski or board situation, for the first time experiencing the real thrill of this incredible sport.

There are also standard four-hour beginner lessons to build on your skills, as well as advanced lessons catering for those looking to move on from basic tuition or transitioning from kiting on water.

Get kids into kiting: Image courtesy of Colorado Kite Force

The best instructors help get kids into kiting

All their instructors are IKO certified and experts in relaying their experience and skills in handling kites on the snow (and water in the summer months).

This winter they will also be joined by Emmet Stroul, who will be working as an instructor for Colorado Kite Force. Emmet currently rides for Ozone USA, acting as their Kids and Families Ambassador encouraging young people to get into kiting at an early age. He’ll be bringing his love of the sport to the team this winter, and hopefully will start a few future pro riders on their own kiting journey.

Helping families to have fun together and get kids into kiting while building confidence is what they do at Colorado Kite Force, so why not give it a go this winter? You really will be riding with the best.

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