70L Duffle Bag Review: Large Versatile Luggage by Helly Hansen

May 28, 2024 BY Elsa Powell-Dooley

Looking for a duffle bag that will withstand the ups and downs of travel? Then have a read of my 70L duffle bag review to find out why I love this large versatile luggage by Helly Hansen.

70L Duffle Bag Review Large Versatile Luggage by Helly Hansen

I tested Helly Hansen’s 70L Duffle Bag in various ways. First, I filled it with soft clothing to assess its capacity and organisation capabilities. Then, I loaded it with bulkier items like ski boots and a helmet to see its durability and comfort when carrying heavier gear.

Helly Hansen 70L Duffle Bag Review

I opted for the 70L duffle bag. There are also 30L and 50L options that would have been too small, or a 90L version. As a 5ft 4 woman, I was conscious of the weight and size of a larger duffle, so I went for the medium option.

Capacity and Pockets

I found the 70L capacity was ideal for long weekends/camping trips or a gym bag. In my case I used the duffle for my weekend ski races across Europe, it perfectly accommodated essentials like a helmet, ski jacket, and thermals.

While the bag doesn’t have an abundance of pockets, the few it does have are high-quality and can hold a lot of loose items. Starting with my favourite which is the large mesh pocket under the main flap of the bag, this is perfect for storing dirty laundry whilst travelling.

Internally, there’s a small pocket which I use for my passport and travel documents. The third pocket is on the outside of the bag, I used for keeping my charging cables easy access but separate from the rest of my kit.

Large Versatile Luggage by Helly Hansen reviewed

Design and Comfort of Helly Hansen’s 70L Duffle Bag

A standout feature of this HH 70L duffle bag is the shoulder straps that can tuck away into their storage pocket. This is great if you just want to use the normal carrying straps or for packing away for storage.

I was pleasantly surprised by the shoulder straps, they were comfortable and fit well. I went for a 15-minute walk and found while I could have gone further, I wouldn’t recommend it for backpacking or hiking. But this large versatile luggage by Helly Hansen is ideal for general travel.

I found the carrying straps quite a challenge when my bag was full. The weight of it was a bit awkward, and I noticed it kept brushing against my calves when carrying the bag beside me. So I’d opt for the shoulder straps most of the time.

Additionally, the bag includes a name tag at the bottom for added security.

Durability and Waterproofing

Crafted from durable and waterproof soft fabric, the bag is well-suited for taking on various environments/weather whilst keeping the duffle in top condition.

Helly Hansen 70L Duffle Bag Review

I tested its waterproofing capabilities when arriving for a France skiing holiday in heavy rain. Fortunately everything in the duffel remained bone dry. This gave me confidence, knowing that I could rely on this bag to protect my belongings, regardless of the weather conditions.

Weight and Versatility

Empty, the bag weighs 1500g, which is manageable for typical use, but it may become cumbersome if overpacked. However, it’s adaptable and can bend or squish when not fully packed. This bag is versatile as it works for all types of travel and occasions, it’s a good mix between a backpack and a large bag.

It’s worth noting that this bag is far too large to be an overhead or rugged carry-on bag for a plane.

70L Duffle Bag Review: Storage

One of the design features that I particularly appreciate is the ability to tuck the bag into a storage pouch, making it compact and easy to stow away when not in use. This is particularly useful for saving space in closets while travelling or for adding the duffle into another suitcase to create additional bag options for your travels.

Features of Helly Hansen’s 70L Duffle Bag

  • Water resistant main fabric
  • External pocket with zip
  • Internal pocket
  • Packable in external wash bag
  • Top carry straps
  • Removable padded shoulder straps
  • Volume: 70L
  • Width: 35.0cm
  • Depth: 35.0cm
  • Length: 65.0cm
  • Weight: 1300g

70L Duffle Bag Review With Shoulder Straps Attached

Conclusion: Large Versatile Luggage by Helly Hansen

All in all the Helly Hansen’s 70L Duffle Bag proved to be durable, versatile and stylish. With its ample space and clever zip placements, it offers the freedom to pack as desired.

I’d recommend this bag for your average traveller who enjoys long weekends away or a gym bag, the opportunities for use are plentiful. However, I wouldn’t recommend it for backpacking or hiking holidays due to the lack of a waist strap, I could imagine it becoming uncomfortable on the shoulders over time.

This is a duffle bag that offers durability and longevity plus the added versatility of the removable shoulder straps. With this in mind, I believe £105 is a fair price considering the quality of materials and thoughtful features incorporated into this Helly Hansen luggage.

We hope you found this 70L Duffle Bag review useful. If you are looking for large versatile luggage by Helly Hansen then head to www.hellyhansen.com/bags-backpacks/duffels


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