7 unmissable outdoor adventures in Las Vegas

Apr 30, 2021 BY AWE365 Team

The bright lights of Vegas draws visitors to the city like moths to flame. Most visitors don’t leave the city, some barely leave their hotel, which is a shame as there is a lot to do in the area. To showcase the options we’ve pulled together 7 unmissable outdoor adventures in Las Vegas.

7 unmissable outdoor adventures in Las Vegas Pixabay royalty free image of The Strip

Las Vegas is renowned for its glamorous casinos and 24/7 entertainment along the infamous main strip. But a trip to the gambling capital of the world doesn’t just have to mean blackjack, poker and partying. You can experience a different side to Las Vegas packed with outdoor adventure including some of the most extreme sports in the world.

Unmissable outdoor adventures in Las Vegas

If after visiting The Strip you fancy a wilder ride, we have some cool ideas to get the adrenaline pumping without a deck of cards in sight. Here are seven awesome outdoor adventures in Las Vegas that are well worth trying.

Rock Climbing

You know that Las Vegas is a great climbing spot when the bravest climber in the world decides to live there. Alex Honnold, known for his free-solo climb of El Capitan, can be found hiking and climbing in the area. And you can give it a go yourself. The Red Rock Climbing Experience is one of the best options for people of all abilities. It’s one of Alex’s personal favourite spots, along with Promised Land and Mount Charleston.

If you want to have some fun in the outdoors then climbing is as close to a sure bet as you’ll get in Vegas. We want to break the belief that a visit to the Sin City is all urban fun, and in our opinion rock climbing is a great way to do this. Anyone can try it of almost any age or fitness as climbing routes are graded by difficulty.

7 unmissable outdoor adventures in Las Vegas Pixabay royalty free image of Red Rocks

After climbing you can celebrate with some gambling, partying and general debauchery under the bright lights of Vegas. But if you are too tired so leave your hotel room, or are spending a few nights out in the wilderness, you can visit an established online brand such as PartyCasino which replicates the excitement of live casino gaming.


The beautiful desert surrounding Las Vegas is easy to miss if you are fixed on the bright lights of the casinos. And what better way to see it than from the air. There are seven different skydive centres within reach of Las Vegas plus an indoor skydive option in a wind tunnel.

Skydiving combined with a trip to Las Vegas is widely regarded as one of the best adventure vacations in America. And when you are finished the buzz you get from freefall will lead to a great night out in Sin City. Without doubt one of the unmissable outdoor adventures in Las Vegas.

Off roading

It’s quite remarkable to find such a bustling city in the middle of a desert. All that sand, sunshine and lack of water causes many challenges for Vegas. However, the copious amount of desert are also an opportunity for off roading, dune buggying, quad biking and dirt biking.

Explore the sand dunes by joining one of the many tours that leave Las Vegas every day. And don’t worry most do return… There’s a range of vehicles you can try, all of them exceptional fun for people who enjoy outdoor adventures.

Mountain biking

The desert surrounding Las Vegas is home to many mountain bike trails suitable for all levels. There is plenty of technical single track for those with experience and you can hire guides and bikes. Alternatively there are easy cycling and electric mountain bike tours on flat paths that suit those who just want to try outdoor adventures in Las Vegas.

Hiking in Grand Canyon

No trip to Vegas is complete without a visit to the Grand Canyon. If you go by car, it will take over two hours, but once there you’ll find plenty of great hiking. The Rim to Rim trek is perhaps the best but there are a range of options in this guide to Grand Canyon hiking.

While at the Grand Canyon be sure to walk across the glass skywalk. It’s a semi-circle glass bridge that protrudes 70 metres over the edge of the cliff which drops 500 ft (150 m) to 800 ft (240 m) to the canyon floor. It is a phenomenal experience you won’t find elsewhere in Vegas.

Hiking grand canyon in Nevada USA pixabay royalty free image

Wakeboarding Lake Mead

There is nothing better on a hot day than a spot of water sports. Fortunately, Lake Mead is just 35 minutes away and has a whole range of wet and wild activities you can try with the Hoover Dam in the background. At the lake you can try everything from tubing to water skiing and knee boarding to wakesurfing.

But by far the most popular activity is wakeboarding. There are lessons available for first timers and coaching for those that want to improve. There are also freestyle features such as jumps and rails for those that want to get creative.

Bungee Jump in the city

You can get outdoors and get an adrenaline buzz without leaving the city! SkyJump is a 829 foot bungee jump above the neon lights of the Strip. It is also the highest commercial decelerator descent facility in the world. You’ll fall at speeds of more than 40 mph while crowds watch below.

Las Vegas attracts plenty of daring gamblers. So it is pretty apt that Sin City also boasts some of the most thrilling activities you can experience.

We hope you found these unmissable outdoor adventures in Las Vegas inspirational. Be sure to check out our Nevada adventure travel page for more ideas.


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