7 of the best student adventure travel destinations worldwide

Jan 26, 2023 BY Paul McWilliams

You’re only young once, so you should always try and make the most of it. That’s why the below 7 best student adventure travel destinations worldwide are so special. Each offers you a unique combination of place and activity, allowing you to expand your horizons and learn new skills.

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While you’re trying to better yourself and develop your mind through education, this is only half of your personal development. You should be out there exploring the world and trying new things. This helps you to become a more rounded person who can contribute to society.

Plus of course adventure travel is a lot of fun!

Best student adventure travel destinations

Top student adventures worldwide

As a professional essay writer Lauren Bradshaw from CustomWritings says, “After a year of studying hard you deserve a break. And we don’t just mean getting a part time job and hanging out with your friends over the summer. It’s important to make the very most of your time as a student.”

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And, once you’ve completed your assignments, hopefully these 7 best places for student adventures will inspire you to get out there and live your very best life. After all, you only get one.

Trekking in Peru

Peru is home to some of the most majestic and fascinating trekking routes in the world. Not least the infamous Inca Trail. This collection of three trails runs through the Andes finishing at the legendary lost city of Machu Picchu.

Along the way you’ll pass through varied landscapes such as cloud forest and alpine tundra. The trek is at high altitude so you may need some time to acclimatise, and numbers are limited to just 200 trekkers a day, so it’s necessary to book in advance.

However, Peru trekking holidays are not just limited to the Inca Trail. There is also some incredible hiking to be done around Huaraz and Arequipa. This includes the Cordillera Blanca where you can take on week-long trekking adventures. And it’s all back dropped by Peru’s unique culture and friendly people.

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu one of the best treks worldwide Pexels royalty free image

Island hopping & watersports in Greece

There are more than 6,000 islands in Greece, spread throughout the Ionian and Aegean seas. Island groups such as the Cyclades and Dodecanese make island hopping in Greece a once in a lifetime experience.

From whitewashed villages clinging to mountain sides to some of the world’s best beaches, the landscapes on offer are incredible. Then there’s the food and drink, best sampled in a traditional taverna during your student adventures.

However, it’s not all culture based. It’s also windy on some of these islands. Which combined with the flat water of the Med, makes windsurfing or kiteboarding in Greece some of the best in Europe.

Islands such as Naxos lie right in the path of the Meltemi wind, creating ideal conditions throughout the summer. And making your way there and back via dozens of other islands completes a truly unique adventure.

5 best Greece windsurf destinations Greek Islands windsurfing holidays pxhere royalty free image

Learn to surf in Nicaragua

There are great surf spots located all around the world, but few can compare with the colour, fun and affordability on offer in Nicaragua. This Central American country has had a difficult past but has emerged as a true undiscovered gem.

But hurry, because the secret is getting out. The country’s Pacific coast is home to some reliable waves, with a growing choice of Nicaragua surfing holidays and camp options.

Plus, it’s small enough that you can visit some of Nicaragua’s best cities such as Granada and Leon. Here you can dance the night away and sample some of the best rum on the planet.

Skiing and snowboarding in Canada

Of course, no one said the best student adventure travel destinations worldwide had to be in the summertime. As a student, you also get a lengthy winter break, so why not make the most of it with a skiing or snowboarding holiday in Canada?

4-9 week all mountain Revelstoke snowboarding camp in Canada image by WSC

Canada is home to some of the world’s best skiing. Resorts, such as Banff, Whistler Blackcomb, Revelstoke and Jasper are world renowned with good reason. From freestyle to freeride, beginner to pro, and apres to family they welcome all.

Canada offers very reliable snow and well-established resorts that make ski and snowboard trips easy. And although getting there might be more expensive, ski passes are generally cheaper than in Europe.

Overlanding in Australia

This is a country that combines modern, fun and cosmopolitan cities with endless miles of wilderness, pristine coastline and tropical rainforest. In many ways, Australia is the perfect destination for overlanding holidays.

There is an established network here too, with vehicles available to rent and buy for those keen on exploring more of the Aussie Outback.

Of course, you need to be fully aware that travelling in the more remote parts of Australia is no joke and comes with risks, so be sensible and be prepared for every eventuality before you set off. But, if you take the right precautions, this could be a truly life changing experience.

7 of the best student adventure travel destinations worldwide Australia! Uluru / Ayers rock Flickr image by alexhealing

Scuba diving course in Thailand

How about combining the best student adventure travel destinations worldwide with a worthwhile learning experience? It is a great way to kill several birds with one stone and keep the parents happy.

PADI is the world’s most popular and recognised scuba diving course, giving you the skills and certification to take your diving to the next level. And what better place to do it than in beautiful Thailand? It certainly beats the pool at your local leisure centre.

Thailand is blessed with thousands of stunning beaches and gin clear waters where you can dive with exotic marine life. There are many Thailand scuba diving courses to choose from with reputable and well respected operators.

Plus, there’s a real party scene in Thailand too! Popular destinations like Koh Samui, Phuket and Koh Tao tick a lot of boxes for fun lovers.

PADI Open Water Course in Phuket Learn to dive in Thailand

Rafting the Grand Canyon

One of the great natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon is not just a mile deep chasm winding its way through Arizona, but also the home of the Colorado River. This is one of the world’s great rafting rivers with 4, 6 or longer rafting holidays on offer.

You’ll pack up and travel with everything you need to survive on the river. Of course you’ll paddle with a guide to navigate your way through some of the more challenging sections of the river.

Camp out each night under the stars on the riverbanks and get to know your fellow travellers, and marvel at the sheer scale of nature all around you. If anything is going to remind you of your place in the universe, then this trip is it.

Best student adventures

The best student adventure travel destinations worldwide should ideally cover a few bases. It should be a great combination of the right place and activity. But it should also offer you the chance to meet new people from different walks of life.

Rafting the Grand Canyon one of the best student adventure travel destinations worldwide flickr image by Grand Canyon NPS

Ultimately adventure travel is about broadening your horizons and, perhaps most importantly, letting your hair down to have fun. All of the above student adventures do just that.

We hope you found this guide to the best student adventure travel destinations worldwide useful and inspiring. Be sure to check out our adventure holidays for more ideas.


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