5 wilderness kayaking holidays where you won’t see anyone else

Jan 27, 2014 BY Paul McWilliams

Part of the thrill of kayaking is that it takes you places you simply can’t get to by any other means. Which means that on many wilderness kayaking holidays you might not see anyone else for days, if at all.

wilderness kayaking holidays image by Arctic Wild

If you’re looking for an adventure that really gets you away from it all, then a river or sea kayaking trip gives you a good chance for a real sense of isolation. Overcoming the challenge of knowing you’re really out there on your own is a great feeling and very character building. So, here’s a run down of five wilderness kayaking holidays where it’s more than likely you’ll be on your own.

Alatna River, Alaska with Arctic Wild

Packraft into the Gates of the Arctic on an incredible wilderness river expedition with Arctic Wild. Using light and nimble packrafts you can manoeuvre along fast flowing rivers, past stunning Arctic tundra landscapes and experiencing unique wildlife encounters. Weather and river levels determine the exact starting points, but you will explore the vast wilderness that forms the Arctic National Park.

Your chances of running into other people are slim to none. Find out more by visiting the Arctic Wild site.

wilderness kayaking holidays Image courtesy of Arctic Wild

Antarctic kayaking adventures

One of the most inhospitable places on the planet, it’s little surprise that choosing to kayak here won’t bring you into contact with too many other people. Of course, with waters being perishingly cold, you’ll need spray decks and dry suits which means some prior experience is necessary. It’s unlikely that in the calmer polar waters you’ll have any technical issues but being safe is always better than being sorry. Check out Aqua Firma for more information and details about tailor-made polar kayaking adventures to the Antarctic.

Great Bear Rainforest, Canada

One of the few remaining pristine temperate rainforests in the world, the Great Bear is located near the coast of Canada’s British Columbia province. It’s a remote place that requires a full fifteen-day tour to explore, and with possibilities for whale and bear spotting the only thing you probably won’t see is other people. Kingfisher Adventures are a great choice to help with this wilderness kayaking holiday.

Kadavu, Fiji

Wilderness kayaking adventures wikimedia image by Nagaraju.ramanna

A unique and unspoiled region, the Kadavu Islands can only really be explored by kayak. You’ll paddle through and over huge coral reefs and discover magical coves that very few other people have ever seen before. OK, so you might stay in small, traditional villages at night but when you’re out on the water you’re very much all alone. We recommend you chec k out Sea Kayak Fiji to find out more information about Kadavu kayaking tours.


Wilderness kayaking holidays in Scotland rely on self-sufficiency and an ability to meet challenges. With plenty of open water in the form of lochs, a four-night wilderness adventure will involve route planning and camp-craft skills.

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