5 of the best family windsurfing holiday destinations

Jan 09, 2017 BY Tez Plavenieks

If you’re looking for a fun filled, active beach holiday for all the family, then you should consider windsurfing. But with windsurf spots in idyllic beach locations all over the world, what are the best family windsurfing holiday destinations?

5 of the best family windsurfing holiday destinations Flickr image by Wind Fornells

Huge advances in windsurfing equipment in recent years, means it’s accessible for kids as young as eight. And once children get the basics they can windsurf around by themselves after a few lessons!

If you are new to windsurfing then tuition is a must. The great news is many windsurfing holidays include lessons and equipment hire. A windsurfing holiday to a warmer climate is ideal for learning and intermediates looking to improve.

Best family windsurfing holiday destinations

The best family windsurfing holiday destinations image courtesy of Ocean ElementsThere are great windsurfing spots all over the world. So for this article we are concentrating on the best family windsurfing holiday destinations. This means warm water, safer conditions and family friendly locations within easy reach of the UK.

In our opinion these are 5 of the best family windsurfing holiday destinations:

Greece – Vassiliki

Due to a local wind effect, Vassiliki holds legendary status amongst windsurfers. Light morning winds provide the perfect opportunity for beginners and children to get to grips with the sport. But after lunch the wind turns on, and advanced windsurfers can show off all afternoon.

Vassiliki of the best family windsurfing holiday destinations image courtesy of Ocean Elements

What makes Vassiliki one of the best family windsurfing holiday destinations is the variety of other activities you can try. If the wind doesn’t blow, or you – or the kids – fancy a change, there is fantastic mountain biking, stand up paddleboarding, kayaking and dinghy sailing available. Check out Ocean Elements for more info.

Turkey – Alacati

The bay of Alacati is on the Cesme Peninsula, halfway down the western Turkish coastline. Alacati is a tour stop on the PWA (Professional Windsurfing Association) World tour. So it’s a top class venue for windsurfing!

What makes this place fantastic is the consistent winds and the long expanse of shallow – ideal for children to practice in safety. Alacati itself is a traditional Turkish town around a 10-minute taxi ride away. The town holds weekly markets and has plenty to interest you when off the water.

Alacati of the best family windsurfing holiday destinations Flickr image by SunriseOdyssey

Egypt – Hurghada

Located in the Red Sea, Hurghada is one of the best flat water windsurfing locations in the world. Coupled with consistent winds means fast progression – you’ll learn a lot in just one week here.

Furthermore, unlike in Europe, Hurghada is a year round destination and is one of the cheapest places to visit for winter windsurfing. And you don’t need a wetsuit which is great for kids.

Egypt has been a popular windsurfing destination for years, though during the recent troubles this has decreased. Hurghada is currently not on the British Foreign Office list of places is advices against travelling to. But you should check the FCO Egypt travel advice before booking, to decide if you feel the level of risk is acceptable.

Egypt one of the best family windsurfing holiday destinations Flickr image by SunriseOdyssey Flickr image by Jagoda♥Gio♥Maya

Caribbean – Cabarete

A typically Caribbean resort. Crystal clear waters and long sandy beaches of Cabarete make it one of the best family windsurfing holiday destinations. The windsurfing here is a little bit harder than other resorts listed, with the choppier waters more suited to intermediate and advanced windsurfers.

If not all of the family are into windsurfing there are a host of other activities you can try to keep everyone happy. Such as jungle tours, rafting, ziplining, rock climbing, kiteboarding, surfing, scuba diving, mountain biking, kayaking and much more.

Indian Ocean – Mauritius

One of the most beautiful places in the world, Mauritius really is paradise and makes for one of best family windsurfing holiday destinations. The reliable trade winds blow for over 300 days per year, and the range of conditions is the most comprehensive on this list.

Mauritius of the best family windsurfing holiday destinations Wikimedia Commons image by Massonbouchet

Whilst most destinations have either flat water or waves, Mauritius has both! The windsurfing is amazing and the accommodation is luxurious. Consequently a family windsurfing holiday does not come cheap. However, for an unforgettable family vacation Mauritius would be hard to beat.

If our list of the best family windsurfing holiday destinations has you gagging to book a vacation, then check out our windsurfing discounts to get yourself a great deal.

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