5 of the best companies for UK paragliding holidays

Mar 03, 2014 BY Paul McWilliams

Few feelings compare to the sheer awe and tranquillity of paragliding. Soaring hundreds of feet up in the air over the majestic UK countryside is a truly sensational experience, which is why we’ve compiled this short list of 5 of the best companies for UK paragliding holidays.

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Paragliding can be enjoyed by people of any age and ability. First of all you have to learn the ropes and qualify as a pilot before you can soar solo, although tandem flights will give a sense of what it’s all about. A great way of doing this is to get all your qualifications out of the way on one trip. Here are 5 of the best companies for UK paragliding holidays.


The Airworks Paragliding School is based in the beautiful South Downs National Park. Despite being a relatively small school, they still train up more pilots to Club Pilot rating than any other in the UK. Situated just outside Brighton in the village of Glynde, they offer six and ten day training programmes to get you off the ground and into the air.

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Airways Airsports

Another of the UK’s most successful paragliding clubs and based in Derbyshire, near the beautiful Peak District, this enthusiastic team of highly experienced instructors offer tandem flights and beginner courses to get you hooked. They also offer Club Pilot courses to get you to solo standard. And, as if they needed any further endorsement, they’ve also been featured on Blue Peter. Find out more by visiting www.airways-airsports.com.

Air Adventure Paragliding

Also based in Sussex on the south coast, just an hour from London, Air Adventure offers a personal approach to paragliding. Having been flying over the South Downs for around fifteen years, they are vastly experienced and run courses seven days a week, twelve months of the year. Combine paragliding holidays with a stay in nearby Brighton and enjoy everything else beautiful Sussex has to offer.Paragliding holidays flickr image by John Picken

Active Edge

Based in the stunning Yorkshire Dales with instruction from Dean Crosby, the only UK paraglider to compete at national level, and one of the most senior paragliding instructors in the UK. Active Edge has over 25 years of experience teaching people to fly. UK paragliding holidays here combine top tuition with a stunning location.

Fly Spain

OK, so as the name Fly Spain might have you thinking that they don’t offer UK paragliding holidays. And you would be right! Our wild card entry is based in Algodonales in the Cadiz region of Spain. However, the school is UK owned and run, all instruction is in English, and it is considered one of the finest paragliding schools in Europe. It comes with the added bonus of beautiful weather and a far greater chance of completing your course in a short time, which makes any extra travelling well worth the effort.

Fly Spain offer courses for complete beginners, where with the help of a winch launch they will have you flying in no time. They also help rusty pilots with refresher courses and will train experienced pilots reach new heights. If you want to know more visit them here: www.flyspain.co.uk or call: +34 651 736 718 or email: [email protected]

If you want to become a paraglider, then UK paragliding holidays are a great way to progress from beginner to solo pilot in a short period. You could even travel a little further afield and make a proper holiday of it!


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