5 Best Beginner Surfing Spots in Australia: Learn to Surf in Oz

Jul 27, 2023 BY AWE365 Team

Surfing is Australia’s national sport and they have more world champions than any other country. So it is no surprise that a classic activity for visitors is to learn to surf in Oz. With that in mind, we’ve pulled together the 5 best beginner surfing spots in Australia.

Becoming a surf bum in Australia is a great option. There are so many glorious sandy stretches, plus ample opportunity to kick back with a cold brew and BBQ to enjoy the laid back beach vibe between surf sessions. What’s not to like?

Bondi one of the 5 Best Beginner Surfing Spots in Australia wikimedia CC image by Sardaka

The only tricky thing is you need to learn to surf first! But with excellent surf schools dotted around the country there are plenty of Australia surfing courses to choose from. Not only is it the home of world champions but the best beginner surfing spots in Australia are up there with any worldwide.

Top 5 Places to Learn to Surf in Oz

Of course beginner surfing in Australia is about much more than time in the water. There is plenty of other stuff to see between surf sessions and beach BBQs. Also there are many other activities to try such as scuba diving, biking, hiking, paddle boarding and skydiving in Australia.

On top of that the nightlife in Oz is excellent. Most places on the backpacker trail have lively late night venues, and the cities has everything from sophisticated cocktail bars to grotty (but fun!) dives. If you like a flutter there are casinos in the larger cities, and the best Australian online casino offers opportunities wherever you are learning to surf.

Learn to Surf in Oz with Australian Surf Tours (provider of the image)

5 Best Beginner Surfing Spots in Australia

So, check out five of our favourite places to learn to surf in Australia. There are options for you whether you want to avoid the crowds, need a convenient location close to a city, wish to hide your wobbly falls from the gals or would rather avoid bikini mishaps in front of the boys.

Bondi, Sydney, New South Wales

Aside from its convenient location in Sydney, Bondi is a great place to learn to surf in Oz. South-facing, the beach is protected from the northerly winds which can ruin the waves. There are many accredited surfing schools in Bondi.

Yes, Bondi is busy, but at least the other surfers are used to having beginners around and will kindly navigate a way around you. There are plenty of cheap hostels in Sydney and a plethora of other accommodation options.

For all the ladies out there, would you feel more comfortable belly-flopping in front of a female teacher? Then you’ll be glad to know that more than half the instructors at the Let’s Go Surfing school are female and they offer girls-only classes.

Bondi one of the 5 Best Beginner Surfing Spots in Australia wikimedia CC image by Sardaka

Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

A lot of the Sunshine Coast can be a tad too challenging for beginners, but Noosa is the exception. It is no wonder this place became something of a surfing mecca! The waves are famously easy to ride and have a really long breaking period so almost anyone can pick up a board and give surfing a go.

If you like warmer water, Noosa has a desirable semi-tropical climate. Winter months might be too chilly for beginners further south, but the ocean around Noosa remains relatively temperate.

Woorim Beach, Bribie Island, Queensland

A glorious paradise for surfing on a relatively untouched stretch of beach despite being the closest patrolled surfing beach to Brisbane. A bridge connects the island with the mainland and the beach is set within Bribie Island National Park.

For beginners it offers gentle rolling waves, warm water and fewer crowds making it one of the best beginner surfing spots in Australia. So you can concentrate on improving your technique and not worry about crashing in to other surfers.

Byron Bay, Australia one of the best places to Learn to Surf in Oz Pixabay royalty free image

Lennox Head, Byron Bay, New South Wales

Head about 20km south of Byron Bay and you can enjoy the legendary surf without the usual throng, particularly at the Seven Mile Beach. Once you have the knack, this beach is also great for improvers who might want to start tackling more challenging waves in the consistent swell.

Lancelin, Perth, Western Australia

In Western Australia, beginner surfers can enjoy a lesson in bathwater temperatures – it often reaches 28C! The reefs and islands protect the little fishing village of Lancelin from the turbulent waves of the Indian Ocean.

Head around the point to Back Beach which has ideal conditions making it one of the best places to learn to surf in Oz. Once you find your feet, you will have a nice 200m ride to the shoreline.

We hope you found this guide to the best beginner surfing spots in Australia interesting. Want more info? Then plan Australia surfing trips here. And once you can surf check out the best Australia surfing holiday destinations.


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