4 best freerunning destinations for parkour enthusiasts

Jun 10, 2021 BY AWE365 Team

Parkour can be performed more or less anywhere you just need varied terrain and plenty of obstacles. It’s this freedom to freerunning that is a huge part of its appeal. But that said some places stand out above the rest. With that in mind here are four of the best free running destinations for parkour enthusiasts.

best freerunning destinations Image of Josh Burnett-Blake in Japan courtesy of Storror

Best freerunning destinations

There’s a reason stunts are performed in particular countries and cities around the world. Michael Bay’s recent Netflix hit 6 Underground was shot across multiple specifically-chosen countries. They were chosen with the help of the expert free running team STORROR.

But, what exactly is it about these destinations that makes them so good for freerunning enthusiasts? And where should you head on your parkour travels?

best parkour destinations for Image of Sacha Powell courtesy of Storror

Top 4 destinations for parkour enthusiasts

Looking at where Parkour experts like to film and train, below are four of the best freerunning destinations:

Brighton, UK

We start with a destination that is pretty close to home if you live in the UK. With a stunning pier and a coastline packed with places to practice leaps and drop-offs, the seaside city of Brighton is a must-visit for freerunners looking to practice their precision landings.

Located an hour by train from the UK’s capital London, Brighton features a huge array of pylons, walls, bandstands, railings and coastal landmarks to utilise when free running. What’s more, being such a liberal city, parkour enthusiasts will be able to practice without worrying about being stopped in their tracks.

Image of Callum Powell of Storror doing parkour training in Brighton

Brighton is an eclectic place to visit with an excellent nightlife. So there is a high chance you’ll meet fellow freerunners while you’re there, enabling you to share your tips, tricks and experiences.

Marrakech, Morocco

Moving approximately 3,070 kilometres south of Brighton… The North African city of Marrakech is one of the best destinations for parkour enthusiasts if you’re looking for something a little different. Although best avoided in the summer months when temperatures can be stifling.

Stunt work in Hollywood classics like Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, American Sniper, Inception and The Mummy were filmed in the nearby Atlas Mountains. But within the city of Marrakech you’ll find the perfect mix of jampacked buildings to practice your parkour skills on.

marrakech Jemaa el Fna Square Pixabay royalty free image

The city’s various souks, riads and markets provide the perfect backdrop for any filming you plan on doing while in Morocco. Helping to give your GoPro videos a look and feel you’ll be hard pushed to find anywhere else.

Paris, France

If you are more of a novice free runner or looking for a slightly more serious challenge, look no further than Paris – the birth place of parkour. Visit the Paris suburb of Lisses where freerunning began. The infamous Yamakasi crew still train here and there is plenty for less experienced freerunners to get involved in.

But Paris is also home to 151 of the 3,000 most challenging free runner spots in the world. So if you know your stuff the French capital is a great place to strut it. Packed with a variety of buildings and architectural styles you’ll struggle to find a more photogenic city.

best destinations for parkour enthusiasts Image of Benji Cave in Paris courtesy of Storror

You won’t be able to practice your skills in the more crowded and touristy parts of Paris – like the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe. But there is nothing stopping you visiting them. The city’s atmosphere and free spirit energy is contagiousness and will encourage you to put your freerunning skills to the test.

Madrid, Spain

While Madrid may be better known for football, the Spanish capital is one of the best freerunning destinations for parkour enthusiasts. Featuring a collection of nice rails, play parks and wall pops to practice on, the city’s Plaza de Santo Domingo is a must-visit. It is a huge public square with plenty of staircases for precision jumps etc.

The Palacio is also well-loved by Madrid’s parkour community. Freerunners of all experience levels practice backflips, front flips and a wide variety of other moves within the palace grounds.

However, if you’re really looking to put your skills to the test, the Las Acacias neighbourhood is worth a visit. Filled with a huge number of varied stairways, walls and rails it is the ideal place to test yourself and to improve your skills.

Best places for Parkour: Final thoughts…

best freerunning destinations for parkour enthusiasts Image of Max Cave courtesy of Storror

So, there you have it – four of the best destinations to visit if you are looking for a parkour-based holiday. And, since you’ve had no choice but to put your adventure travel plans on hold due to the pandemic, why not make the most of your post-pandemic freedom?

We hope you found this guide to four of the best freerunning destinations for parkour enthusiasts interesting. Please check out our other parkour articles for more inspiration.

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