11 Best Aussie Dropzones: Where to Skydive in Australia

Mar 25, 2023 BY Luke Rees

What to find out where to skydive in Australia? Then check out the 10 best Aussie dropzones below. From Tasmania to Northern Territory and Queensland to Western Australia we’ve got you covered!

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Australia is renowned for its stunning landscapes, beautiful beaches, and incredible wildlife. But the good weather and reliable conditions also mean it’s also a popular destination to skydive. For many people leaping from a plane is part of a wider trip down-under, almost like a must-do activity.

And Australia has a hugely diverse range of jump locations. From coastal jumps to the breathtaking Outback, Australia offers some of the most unique and thrilling skydiving experiences in the world.

Where to Skydive in Australia

11 Best Aussie Dropzones

Whether you’re a qualified skydiver or looking to do your first tandem jump, there’s plenty of places to skydive in Australia. To help you find you narrow it down, we’ve compiled a list of the 11 best Aussie dropzones.

Best tandem skydive in Australia flickr image by Lachlan Rogers

So, strap on your parachute (or let your instructor handle that if doing a tandem!) and get ready to discover where to skydive in Australia. In no particular order these are the best dropzones in Australia:

Sydney Skydivers, New South Wales

Located just an hour away from the heart of the city is Sydney Skydivers. They offer a fantastic tandem skydiving experience with breathtaking views of the city skyline, coastline, and surrounding national parks. Jump tickets are also available for qualified skydivers.

With over 40 years of experience and an impeccable safety record, this dropzone is perfect for beginners and experienced skydivers alike. Get more inspiration about skydiving in Sydney here.

Skydive Australia, Byron Bay, New South Wales

Nestled between the lush hinterlands and pristine beaches of Byron Bay, a Skydive in Byron Bay is an incredible experience. As you freefall over the iconic lighthouse and coastline, you’ll enjoy panoramic views of the beautiful Northern Rivers region.

where to skydive in Australia - Byron bay. Image courtesy of Skydive Australia www.skydive.com.au

Skydive Jurien Bay, Western Australia

Skydive Jurien Bay is located about two hours north of Perth, offering an unforgettable skydiving experience over the stunning Turquoise Coast. With crystal-clear waters and pristine beaches below, it’s no wonder this dropzones is a favorite among thrill-seekers.

Find out more about outdoor activities in Western Australia here.

Skydive Melbourne, Victoria

Experience the thrill of skydiving over the scenic landscapes of Melbourne with Skydive Melbourne. Boasting views of the city skyline, Port Phillip Bay, and the Great Ocean Road, this dropzone offers a unique backdrop for your skydiving adventure.

For more information on outdoor activities in and around the city, check out our Melbourne adventure travel guide.

where to skydive in Australia - Melbourne. Image courtesy of Skydive Australia www.skydive.com.au

SA Skydiving, Adelaide, South Australia

Discover the beauty of South Australia from the skies with SA Skydiving in Adelaide. Enjoy panoramic views of the picturesque coastline, rolling vineyards, and the Adelaide Hills as you freefall from up to 15,000 feet.

Check out our outdoor activities in Adelaide for more fun.

Skydive Cairns, Queensland

Located in tropical North Queensland, Skydive Cairns offers an extraordinary skydiving experience with views of the Great Barrier Reef, World Heritage rainforests, and the stunning coastline. As one of the most popular dropzones in Australia, it’s a must-visit for any skydiving enthusiast.

For more thrilling activities in Cairns, explore our Cairns adventure travel guide.

Cairns one of the 11 Best Aussie Dropzones. Image courtesy of Skydive Australia www.skydive.com.au

Skydive Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Experience the majestic beauty of Victoria’s iconic Great Ocean Road from above with Skydive Great Ocean Road. Soaring above the famous Twelve Apostles and picturesque beaches, this dropzone provides a truly unforgettable skydiving experience.

Skydive Perth, Western Australia

Skydive Perth is located just outside the city, offering skydivers spectacular views of the Swan River, Rottnest Island, and the Perth skyline. With experienced instructors and top-notch facilities, this dropzone caters to both beginners and seasoned skydivers.

Perth is excellent for surfing, kiteboarding and windsurfing, plus so much more. Read our Perth adventure travel guide for more activity inspiration.

Skydive Airlie Beach, Queensland

Freefall to a backdrop of the picturesque Whitsunday Islands with Skydive Airlie Beach. This dropzone offers views of the Great Barrier Reef and lush tropical rainforests, making it one of Australia’s most scenic skydiving locations.

Airlie Beach one of the 11 Best Aussie Dropzones. Image courtesy of Skydive Australia www.skydive.com.au

Airlie Beach is good for diving, sailing and windsurfing. For more on what this amazing region has to offer, read about outdoor activities in Airlie Beach.

Tasmania Skydivers, Tasmania

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the island state with Tasmania Skydivers. This dropzone offers an unforgettable skydiving experience with views of Hobart, Mount Wellington, and the stunning Tasmanian coastline.

As you freefall over this picturesque region, you’ll understand why more people should visit this stunning island. Check out our other adventure blog in Tasmania for more great ideas.

Skydive Uluru, Northern Territory

Experience the incredible beauty of the Australian Outback with Skydive Uluru. This unique dropzone offers an unforgettable skydiving experience with views of the iconic Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kata Tjuta (The Olgas).

Uluru one of the 11 Best Dropzones in Australia Image courtesy of Skydive Uluru Facebook page

As you freefall over this World Heritage-listed landscape, you’ll gain a new appreciation for the vastness and beauty of the outback. Check out our Northern Territory adventure travel guide for more inspiration.

**Please note this dropzone is temporarily closed has not yet reopened post Covid. We hope it starts running again soon**

Conclusion: Best dropzones in Australia to skydive

Australia’s diverse landscapes and stunning natural beauty make it the perfect destination for skydiving enthusiasts. Whether you’re a first-time jumper or an experienced adrenaline junkie, the best Aussie dropzones offer something for everyone. So pack your bags and get ready to experience the thrill of a lifetime as you skydive in Australia.

We hope you found this guide to the best Aussie dropzones inspiring. Check out our range of skydiving experiences worldwide for more great ideas of where to skydive.


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