10 of the best Morocco adventure activities

Aug 27, 2015 BY Paul McWilliams

From the iconic Kasbah of Tangier and bustling souks of Marrakech to the enigmatic and vast Sahara desert, Morocco has big cultural appeal. However, it’s perhaps the fact that the best Morocco adventure activities can equal those anywhere on the planet that makes the country a real hotspot for multi-activity adventure holidays.

10 of the best Morocco adventure activities flickr image by Tommy Pixel of Berber Rafting Adventures

The spine of the Atlas Mountains, with it’s colossal gorges and rock formations, combined with the beautiful coastline and vast desert offer incredible scope for wide ranging activities. Here are 10 of the best.


We’ve started with overlanding for one very good reason: there’s so much jaw-dropping scenery, interesting culture and action to be had in Morocco, that you have to travel around to see it all. Climb aboard a truck bound for Tangiers, Fez, Casablanca and Marrakech, visit villages the high Atlas to meet the enigmatic Berber people, and spend time in the Sahara desert – Morocco is bursting with unique and varied experiences.

Horse riding

A stand out activity in its own right, Morocco is famed for its horses. Ride from Agadir in the south, through Essaouira and the stunning desert of Zagora. Gallop along the beach on the back of an Arabic barb, or head high up into the hills and marvel at these sure footed beasts. Or simply follow the ancient tracks along the river banks for an unforgettable experience.

Amodoucheval horseback riding in Taghazout Agadir

If you would like to go on a horse riding adventure then check out Ranch Amodou Cheval who are based in Taghazout. they offer riding trips in the south of Morocco, in the regions of Agadir, Essaouira, and the fabulous desert of Zagora.

They offer local day rides on the beach or in the mountains which last from two hours to a full day. Alternatively you can join one of their multi day horse riding adventures. They also offer camel trekking, hiking, dune buggy rides, quad biking, jet skiing and much more. Find out about them here: www.amodoucheval.com

Camel trekking

Of course, horses are not the only four legged transportation in a country that’s home to vast swathes of desert. The incredible camel has mastered desert transport like no other creature. There is something majestic about riding out into the Sahara on the back of a camel, trusting that your animal will bring you back safely. Or ride along the beach on your way to your surf destination.

10 of the best Morocco adventure activities flickr image by Tanil Teemusk


Why stop at one day? With some incredible multi-day trekking options, including routes up into the High Atlas where you can experience genuine Berber hospitality, this is true trekking territory. The Western High Atlas is home to the huge Mt Toubkal, standing at 4,167 metres, with numerous multi day ascent options available.

Trekking stands out as one of the best Morocco adventure activities. Check out our article about the best Morocco trekking for more information.


10 of the best Morocco adventure activities flickr image by Acquimat4

Morocco is traversed by ancient trails and pathways that have been used for centuries. Follow these on day-long hikes up into the Atlas or along the bottom of the mighty Todra Gorge. Walk the Anti-Atlas, extending out towards the Atlantic from the city of Tafilalet, where you’ll come across the edges of the vast Sahara.


Where to start with surfing in Morocco? All down the Atlantic coast of the country there are surfing beaches, ranging from party capitals to deserted breaks. The legendary surf spots of Essaouira, Taghazout and Agadir are great for surf schools and beginners, but those looking for a more secluded and unique experience should head south to the border with the disputed Western Sahara.

10 of the best Morocco adventure activities flickr image by Eelke

If planning a surf holiday or you want to learn then take a look at our Morocco surfing discounts and articles for deals and discounts. On the rare days when there is no swell you could head out on the water for a spot of stand up paddle boarding, or use it to explore the coast and find new breaks.

Kitesurfing & windsurfing

For the same reasons surfers love it, the big winds and waves of the Atlantic coast driver kite and windsurfers crazy. Some of the surf capitals like Essaouira and Dahkla get busy with all types of boards, but don’t worry, there’s plenty of coastline to go around. And with the huge Atlantic winds coming in, it’s well worth sharing.

Read our article about the Morocco surfing discounts and articles for more information.

Rock climbing

The ancient Atlas mountains are home to some unique and spectacular rock climbing. Todra Gorge in the High Atlas is great for all round climbing and makes it into the twenty best rock climbing holiday destinations worldwide.

Todra Gorge Morocco one of the best rock climbing holiday destinations flickr image by Damien Ayers

Taghia Gorge also offers a lot a varied climbing with routes up to 800 metres long. To the south of Agadir in the Anti-Atlas is Tafraoute, with superb quartzite rock and big routes to tackle.


Tackle the rapids on the N’Fiss, Ourika and Ahansal or set out on a pioneering kayaking and camping adventure. Start high up in the Atlas and paddle your way down stream to one of Morocco’s ancient cities and continue all the way to the Atlantic Ocean or Mediterranean Sea.

Along the way discover Berber villages that are off the beaten track and camp out on river beaches that few tourists will ever see. Read our guide to Morocco kayaking holidays to find out more.


Another of the stand out best Morocco adventure activities, rafting opportunities centre on the rampaging rivers running down from the High Atlas towards the coastal cities. Multi day rafting tours are available on a number of Morocco’s torrents, including the N’Fiss, Ourika and Ahansal.

Morocco Rafting Image courtesy of AdventureX

Tackle big rapids in colossal gorges and float past ancient villages and mysterious landscapes. This is a great way to see the real Morocco. For more information have a read of our guide to Morocco rafting holidays.

If you would like to book a rafting holiday in Morocco we recommend you check out Berber Rafting Adventures. They offer exciting rafting trips in Morocco while conforming to all European standards. Berber Rafting offer day trips, multi-day adventures and even family rafting – plus a lot of other activities. To find out more visit: www.berberraftingadventures.com

Best Morocco adventure activities

With such a wealth of options for the best Morocco adventure activities, it’s easy to see why this has become one of the most popular multi activity destinations on the planet. Climb in mysterious mountains, go trekking through villages that have remained unchanged for centuries, join the surf party on the Atlantic coast, and so much more.

Morocco is a country that would take a lifetime to properly explore – so you had best get started.


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