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31 Jul, 2020

Beginner camping essentials list: Guide to camping gear for first-timers

In this guide to camping gear for first-timers we look at what equipment you need to get started. This beginner camping essentials list offers advice on the basics you require in order to be a happy camper. One positive of the COVID-19 pandemic is more people are looking towards camping and open . . .

Activities: Camping, Trekking
Destinations: N/A
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29 Jul, 2020

Top 3 dive sites worldwide: Best scuba diving holiday destinations

Put a group of divers together that don't know each other and before long the conversation swings around to the best scuba diving holiday destinations. Where you have been, where you want to go and where everyone else should visit. Now everyone has a different opinion on this but these are my top 3 dive . . .

Activities: Scuba Diving
Destinations: Africa, Asia, Belize, blue-hole, Borneo +
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28 Jul, 2020

Skandika Montana 8 Sleeper review: Large blackout tent

Do you wake up ridiculously early when camping? Does the light wake your kids who immediately start demanding breakfast? Then you need a large blackout tent. Check out this Skandika Montana 8 Sleeper review to find out how we got on and whether it improved my family's night sleep. Why a large blackout . . .

Activities: Camping
Destinations: N/A
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