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22 Sep, 2023

Review of Smith Shift Split MAG Photochromic Cycling Sunglasses

Looking for some photochromic cycling sunglasses that change with the light? Then check out this review of Smith Shift Split MAG glasses that come with a clear and photochromic lenses. I have tested these riding in Sussex in the UK both on and off road. This includes some long rides in the South Downs . . .

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21 Sep, 2023

Do Extreme Sports Prove Olympic Success Starts in School?

Everyone remembers school sports. And unless you were very lucky, there was the very familiar list of 'choices' which then filled our Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Only recently have schools started to lighten the curriculum and include a new range of sports including more extreme ones. But do extreme . . .

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05 Sep, 2023

17 Reasons the Best Adventure Travel Photography is in Autumn

Adventure travel is all about action sports, extreme experiences and outdoor activities. But you'll want to get good pictures and videos of you being active. So in this article we explore 17 reasons why the best adventure travel photography is in autumn. Why is Autumn Adventure Travel Photography the . . .

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