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17 Sep, 2021

What is snowkiting & how do I learn to Snowkite?

Many people have been asking 'what is snowkiting?' And typically they follow that with 'how do I learn to Snowkite?' The beauty of using kites for sport lies in their adaptability. Attach yourself to a kite, stand or sit on something, add the suffix ‘kiting’ to whatever you're  using and there you go . . .

Activities: Snowkiting
Destinations: Alps, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, Greenland +
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09 Sep, 2021

Does James Bond prefer skiing or snowboarding?

Snow chase scenes are as iconic as a Vodka Martini in the James Bond Franchise. From cars, an aircraft, cello cases, to utilising broken parts of a snowmobile for a snowboard, when being pursued by henchman Bond doesn’t seem to care how he slides down the slopes. But, what does James Bond prefer, Skiing or . . .

Destinations: N/A
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02 Sep, 2021

Tips for driving in Peru: 3 overland routes to drive to Machu Picchu

Want to explore Peru independently? Then you'll need to either buy, rent or bring your own vehicle. You should also read these tips for driving in Peru. Once you are sorted with advice and some wheels then follow one of the 3 overland routes to drive to Machu Picchu detailed below. Driving in Peru . . .

Activities: 4x4, Overlanding
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