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17 May, 2024

What is Caving vs Potholing vs Spelunking vs Speleology

There's a rare breed of people who spend their time crawling through caves and descending into the depths of mountains. In this article we explore what is caving vs potholing vs spelunking vs speleology. Ultimately they are all pretty much the same thing, with subtle differences which you will find out about . . .

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13 May, 2024

Is This Video the Ultimate Thrill in the Most Beautiful Destination?

Lots of activities claim to be the most exciting or to provide the biggest adrenaline rush. And many locations say they are the most spectacular or stunning. While both of these accolades are highly subjective, we think you'll find it hard to beat our suggestion of skydiving in Interlaken as it combines . . .

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08 May, 2024

Pro Skier Review of Helly Hansen Women’s Powderqueen Bib Pant

To bib, or not to bib: that is the question. In recent years, bib pants have gained a lot of new fans. Is this a style thing or are there benefits? Check out this review of Helly Hansen Women's Powderqueen Bib Pant to find out how their durability, functionality and style mean I now fall on the 'to bib' side . . .

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