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23 Jul, 2021

Week 2 of Indonesia divemaster course: Intro to Nusa Penida scuba diving

This is a mini diary of the second week of my Indonesia divemaster course. It is combined with the Indo Ocean Project internship program offering marine conservation. This post includes a day to day guide of what I have been doing plus an introduction to Nusa Penida scuba diving to give you an idea of what . . .

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20 Jul, 2021

How to plan a round the world trip: Planned vs unplanned RTW tour

Having travelled extensively and met many people along the way you come across two types of round the world travellers. People are either tick box tourists on a schedule or take a scatter gun approach to their backpacking. In this article we look at how to plan a round the world trip and compare a planned vs . . .

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19 Jul, 2021

Greatest white water rafting adventure: Can anyone raft the Zambezi River?

The Zambezi has a reputation as the greatest white water rafting adventure. It is one of the world's longest fivers and is full of grade V rapids plus some rather dangerous wildlife. But can anyone raft the Zambezi river? The answer, plain and simple is: Yes.   Do you always flip rafting the . . .

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