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01 Jun, 2023

Indian activity holidays: 19 best adventure sports in India

Most people don't think about Indian activity holidays when considering visiting this incredible country. But the best adventure sports in India are right up there with anything else you can find around the world, often at a fraction of the price. Indian activity holidays India is a country . . .

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25 May, 2023

Top 15 Corfu activities: Best Ionian adventures in Greece?

The Greek island of Corfu, is a remarkable blend of captivating history, rich culture and a hub for best Ionian adventures in Greece. Much more than just a beach holiday, the top Corfu activities keep holiday-makers entertained and attract adventurous visitors from around the world. From sailing . . .

Activities: 4x4, Cycling, Hiking +
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25 May, 2023

Top 11 UK tandem skydive locations: Best British skydiving destinations

A tandem jump is the way most people get into the world of skydiving. Strapped to an instructor and fully briefed about the jump, you get to experience freefall for anything up to a minute at the top UK tandem skydive locations. Jumping with any of the best British skydiving destinations below will be an . . .

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