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24 Sep, 2020

Geographically embarrassed: Is it the Red Sea or Dead Sea?

There are a number of travel trivia questions that always turn up in quizzes and conversations. And every time they have you scratching your head in a, 'I really should know this' kind of way. Well, we're looking at the places and countries that leave you geographically embarrassed, starting with is it the . . .

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19 Sep, 2020

We love outdoor activities: But can indoor sports compete?

OK, this is an adventure sports blog so we love outdoor activities. But don't think for a minute we are exclusive here. Even the hardiest mountaineer or hiker chooses good weather over bad. So what is it about the outdoors that makes them so great? And can indoor sports compete? We love outdoor . . .

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19 Sep, 2020

Best YouTube snowboarding movies: Top 5 full length free snowboard films

Looking for the best YouTube snowboarding movies? Well we have a treat for you with the top 5 full length free snowboard films on the world's most popular video sharing platform. As discussed previously, with Netflix seemingly still boycotting snowboard films and not everyone having access to Amazon Prime . . .

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